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IBC services

We offer a range of IBC services.


We sell laundered and reconditioned IBCs at various grades, to meet every price point and requirement. We also sell ‘cut off tops’, where the top of the plastic bottle has been removed.


We will purchase your IBCs if they are of good quality and are reusable. We can also safely dispose of containers deemed ‘end-of-life’.

Tanks must be nominally empty, meaning every effort to remove contained substances has already been made.

We cannot receive IBCs containing hazardous substance residue materials which may present a reactive or explosive risk, such as oxidising gents (ADR Class 501) spontaneously combustible or dangerous when wet (ADR Class 4) products.

IBC laundering

Our comprehensive IBC laundering and reconditioning process gives a new lease of life for your IBC containers.

Repairs and part replacement

We stock a wide range of IBC components and will replace and repair damaged or faulty IBCs to ensure they are fit for re-use.

  • Welding
  • Leak testing
  • Foil sealing
  • Parts replacement

Delivery or collections

Based in the West Midlands, our fleet of vehicles are well positioned to deliver or collect IBCs from across the country.

Disposal and recycling

Whilst plastic and steel containers are designed for re-use, over time containers degrade in quality and will need to be safely disposed of.

We are a fully licensed waste management site and have facilities to clean, granulate and recycle containers deemed ‘end-of-life. This depends upon the quality and content of each container.

Stainless steel tote services

We provide a range of services to return your stainless steel totes to mint condition.


Our laundering and reconditioning process returns stainless steel totes to a near perfect condition, ready to be reused in industry.

Repairs and part replacement

We test and replace components for stainless steel totes to ensure your returned product is fit for purpose.

  • Welding
  • Leak testing
  • Parts replacement

Delivery or collections

Our vehicles are equipped to transport stainless steel totes. Please get in touch if you have an enquiry regarding stainless steel totes.

Recycling and granulation

We are a fully licensed waste management site and are on-hand to assist in the safe disposal of your containers.

Safe, licensed disposal

Our site is fully licensed and able to remove and properly dispose of your end-of-life containers and packaging.

Our site is capable of processing containers ranging from 1 litre – 1000 litres, from small plastic drums to IBCs.


We meticulously cleanse industrial packaging prior to granulation, guaranteeing its readiness for repurposing into high-quality recycled products.


Our plastic processing plant is able to granulate a range of plastics.


We specialise in IBC laundering and reconditioning, but we do not manufacture new IBCs from scratch. We have a range of IBCs of varying grades to meet your requirements. 

Our prices are very competitive.

The charge price is dependant on a number of factors including the volume and grade required, optional collection and delivery. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirement and price.

Certain customers may have specific requirements; we stock IBCs with plastic, wooden or steel pallets, to accommodate your requirements.

We are open between 07:00 AM and 4:00 PM between Monday and Friday.

We are closed on Bank Holidays and over the Christmas period.