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IBC laundering

With over two decades of experience, we excel in the laundering and reconditioning of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).

Stainless steel tote laundering

In alignment with our IBC services, we also specialise in the laundering and reconditioning of stainless steel totes.

Delivery and collection

We offer convenient delivery of your laundered IBCs, and provide a collection service for IBCs in need of laundering.

IBC repair and part replacement

Our team specialises in welding services, conducting repairs, and parts replacement to ensure that your IBCs are fully prepared for re-use.

Safe disposal of IBCs

As containers reach the end of their life, our fully licensed waste management site is prepared to safely and responsibly dispose of your plastic containers.

Plastic granulation

Our fully equipped site has facilities to granulate plastic containers, including 10L and 25L plastic drums.

Used to new

At Drumcare Limited, our speciality lies in delivering an exceptional laundering service for your IBCs, ensuring top quality.

Through our meticulous cleaning processes, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality IBCs to meet your exacting standards.

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